About Us

We are a partner company of 4Grants Limited.  A respected and trusted sports consultancy business providing grant funding advice for sports clubs, charities, CICs, schools and non profit organisations.  4Grants has been in business for over 10 years offering a No win, No fee solution and is the UK’s leading grant consultancy experts.

Through working with sports clubs and from our own personal experience of volunteering in sport, one of the most common problems organisations have is finding a reliable and cost effect sports and team wear provider.  Having researched the market and spoken to suppliers we launched Stitches4Sport in 2019.  We take away the hassle yet still provide the best possible value for money solution for clubs, charities and schools.

Not only that we are honest and upfront, we don’t give false promises we will give you the most reliable service and quality we can.

The Edge – Back in 2016 my son Ben was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that effects 12 children in the world each year.  His treatment was long, painful and very challenging which lasted a period of 18months, most of that time was spent in hospital.  During his time in hospital Ben produce a piece of art work that took him many hours to do.  We were so proud of it that we wanted to created a legacy a lasting reminder of his and other children determination, love and inspiration when battling this horrible disease.

We commissioned a brand designer to produce a logo from Bens original picture, we wanted something modern, eye catching and easy to print.  He picked a part of the picture and created a number of visuals.  The 3 stripes logo was chosen and is used on all of our non cricket wear.

Our second logo (Three stumps) was designed by Ben, we are proud to use it throughout the Edge Cricket Range.  Both logos provide a modern and stylish look that clubs should be proud to be associated with, we hope that it gives you the same inspiration we have seen from our son.